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Make the Most of a Small Living Room Space with These Decorating Tips


Decorating a small living room is really a challenge to most homeowners. There are lots of factors to consider such as furniture sizes and layouts. The living room is one of the most used spaces in a home that’s why it is essential to have a layout that functions and serves us well. Here are some creative tips on how to make the most out of a small living room space without sacrificing functionality and aesthetics.


No matter how big or small a living room is, one of the key things to do to maintain its beauty is to keep it organized. A cluttered living room never looks good regardless of the furnishings or decorations that you place in it. Adding storage solutions is the key to keep your living room clutter-free. For small spaces, choose space-saving furnishings with hidden storage where you can keep all those knick knacks. Coffee and end tables with storage space underneath is a perfect choice. You may also make use of empty corners as additional storage spaces by adding wall shelves on them.

Limit the Furniture

For small living room space, one thing to keep in mind when decorating is to limit the number of furniture you place in it. Unlike big living rooms, it can’t hold the same furniture such as a big sofa, armchairs, end tables and coffee table. To make it easier, start by placing the sofa that suits the space and gradually add other pieces until you get your desired layout. All the other remaining furniture goes to other areas in your home or to storage. Fewer furniture pieces mean more floor space and less area for clutter. Visit our gallery for high quality modern furniture Brisbane solutions for living room of any size.

Choose Smaller Furnishings

Small living rooms look best with smaller furniture. Instead of picking huge sectional sofas, chairs or wall hangings, select smaller scaled ones to fit the space well. First, choose a sofa that fits your living room well then add comfy armless chairs to save space. Don’t forget to add smaller sized coffee table and side table if there’s still much space.

Control Colours and Patterns

It is fun to experiment with bold colours and patterns in your home decor. However, this is a huge factor to consider when it comes to decorating smaller living rooms. Avoid using dark hues because it will only make it look even smaller. Neutrals and light colours are perfect for small living rooms because they make an area look more spacious. A three-color palette is a perfect scheme to follow – just make sure that they blend well with each other. You can also be creative and experiment with small patterns and prints to liven up your living room.

Add More Light

You can actually make a small space look wider by allowing more natural light in. If your living room doesn’t have that much windows or openings, you can make it look brighter by using light hues on the walls, flooring and furnishings.

With these tips, you can now achieve a small living room that functions like a large one.

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